I am an Operations Research student with an interest in combinatorial optimisation and decomposition techniques. To complement my studies, I used to work as a game developper.

Why this blog?


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Selected Publications

  1. Morita, H., & Mahéo, A. (2014). Classification Model Using Contrast Patterns and GRASP. Journal of Information Assurance and Security, 9(5), 235–243. Retrieved from http://www.mirlabs.net/jias/secured/Volume9-Issue5/vol9-issue5.html
  2. Mahéo, A., Kilby, P., & Van Hentenryck, P. (2017). Benders Decomposition for the Design of a Hub and Shuttle Public Transit System. Transportation Science. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.1287/trsc.2017.0756


The APTAS for Bin-Packing

The Bin Packing problem (BP) is a classic optimisation problem. It has a lot of similarities with the Knapsack problem as the goal is to pack items into containers. However, the BP’s objective is to minimise the number of bins to open given a set of items to allocate.

Implementing Lin-Kernighan in Python

In this post, I will talk about my journey to implement the infamous Lin-Kernighan heuristic to solve efficiently TSP problems. This work was done in the ambit of a larger project, thus the code will be in Python, available here.

Using a Modern Benders Framework

Since its creation in ‘62, the Benders Decomposition method (Benders, 1962) has generated a lot of research around how to improve it. Its simplicity attracted a lot of attention but it is famously hard to implement efficiently. In this post, I will introduce a Branch-and-Benders-Cut framework that I am developping and trying to make as general as possible, available here, using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (Taşkın & Cevik, 2013) as an example.

Local TSP Heuristics in Python

As part of my current project, I needed a Python implementation of heuristics for the TSP. This post will be the first part about the journey of implementing these lovely algorithms. Part II will deal with Lin-Kernighan. Code is available here.

A Short Introduction to Benders

As it is the main topic of my research I write quite a bit about the Benders Decomposition Method (Benders, 1962). In this post I will try to present a short, yet complete, introduction to this decomposition method.